Membership with Funeralcare

As a Co-op Member you pay an exclusive member price, saving you at least £100* or 5% whichever is greater, when you arrange a funeral or buy a funeral plan with us. 

We also give 1% of what you spend to a local cause in your community that you get to choose.

Here's how it works...

Member prices for a funeral plan

We offer a range of funeral plans and as a member you save 5% off our full plan prices.

Here are the exclusive prices you pay:

Funeral plan typeFuneral plan price Member saving of 5%Exclusive member prices
Simple plan £3,295 £164.75 £3,130.25
Bronze plan £3,595 £179.75 £3,415.25
Silver plan £3,950 £197.50 £3,752.50
Gold plan £4,199 £209.95


Cremation Plans - Find out more

Burial Plans - Find out more


You also receive 5% off the full price of a Tailor-made Funeral Plan and 5% off our Masonry Plans.

Member savings when arranging a funeral with us

As a member, you also save at least £100 when arranging a funeral with us.

If £100 is less than 5% of what you spend with us on our funeral services, then we will increase your discount to 5%.

However, we aren’t able to offer savings on any fees we pay to others on your behalf (such as cemetery fees, church fees, cremation fees, doctors’ fees etc.)

Further information on funeral costs.

As a member, you save £50 off the price of a Cremation Without Ceremony.

How to save

To benefit from exclusive member prices you'll need to show us your membership card when buying a funeral plan or when arranging a funeral. If you're buying a funeral plan online you'll need your membership number hand, this is on your membership card.

When arranging a funeral - the person arranging the funeral must be a member at the time when the person whose funeral it is died. If the person who has died was a member, their membership number can be used to get the discount.

1% for your community

We'll also give 1% of what you spend to a local cause in your community. You can choose which local cause you want your 1% to go to by signing into your online account.

Exclusions and restrictions apply, see our full membership terms and conditions for details.

Legal Services

Co-op Members save £100 or get 5% off Probate and Estate Administration whichever is higher, terms and conditions apply. Click here for more information.

*Excludes Cremation Without Ceremony as it is not a full service funeral. Members save £50 when arranging Cremation Without Ceremony. Other terms and conditions apply. Exclusive member prices and your 1% don't apply to independent societies including Midcounties, Central England, Southern or Chelmsford Star co-operatives.