All about us

John Fairest Funeral Directors was started by Sam Fairest in 1890.

Sam’s son, John Fairest, took over from his father in 1923 and remained in control of the business until he passed away in 1958. John’s wife continued to run the business until Ralph Owram bought it in 1960.

In 1971, Ralph passed away and his son, Paul Owram, was in control of the business up to his retirement in 1992. The premises were completely rebuilt in 1973 due to road widening.

Over the past few years John Fairest have done numerous talks to students in local nursing homes, numerous embalming demonstrations and more recently have given talks about the role of the Funeral Director to student nurses at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield.

Paul Owram still lives in the area and Martyn Askew, former Manager of John Fairest and now Regional Manager, keeps in touch with him.